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Your Business, Our Focus

IGPIS will provide you with all procedures for trademark registration

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Your Business, Our Focus

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Check the first steps to protect your identity

As a leading company, IGPIS will give you steps through which you can protect your brand identity.

Be Different

Only through providing a service/product which enhance both quality and creativity different from your competitors, you will build a good reputation in the field which will make eventually trustworthy

intellectual property

You must not rely on frequently using your trademark. In order to protect your intellectual property, you have to legally document your trademark to avoid being damaged and spoiled.

Ask your consultant

Be aware of all your rights, and how to preserve your intellectual property legally from being cheated and imitated.


IGPIS is established in 2010 with a main purpose of preserving and documentation of trademarks, and intellectual property rights. We are classified among the top 5 law firm in that field. Through working with wide range of large companies in Egypt and Middle East, we became the most prominent consultation house which can provide wide range of uncommon and legal solutions to protect and document trademarks, and intellectual property.

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Trademark Cases

Trademark attorneys

When looking for an attorney, find a company who is familiar with cases of intellectual property, and possibly even one focused specifically on trademarks.


Trademark Registration

We will protect your invention, discoveries, and ideas. The first step towards obtaining a patent, your invention must meet a number of legal requirements.

Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

A trademark must not be too descriptive, indicative or misleading for the products and services which will be offered under the trademark and for which protection will be requested.

Industrial designs

Industrial designs

The originality and the ornamentation of products regarding shape, colors, textures or materials, gives your product a unique quality with visibly different from other products in market

Trademark availability

Trademark availability

Your trademark should not be confusing to the service or product you are providing, it should be unique and not similar to any trademark having a similar service or product.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property

Intellectual property is a very broad field which refers to all kinds of creations of the mind like: inventions, literature and artistic works, computer programs, designs and symbols, names and images used in commerce.

Our Achievements

Since our beginnings in 2010, we've raised as a law firm to be classified among the top 5 law firm at the field of intellectual property rights, So we proud to deliver the following achievements by figures


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