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International Group for Intellectual Property Solutions(IGIPS) is a Limited Liability company that provides Intellectual Property Rights Consultation services ; since the beginning it was specialized in the Intellectual Property Solutions, Trademarks, Patents, Designs and Copyrights Registration as well as IP Consultations.

Trademark Cases

When looking for an attorney, find a company who is familiar with cases of intellectual property, and possibly even one focused specially on trademarks.

At IGPIS, you will find a bunch of expert lawyers who will provide you with all services related to the acquisition, enforcement and commercialization of trademarks, and other services like:

  • Licensing
  • Data security
  • renewal of trademarks

Trademark Registration

A trademark must not be too descriptive, indicative or misleading for the products and services which will be offered under the trademark and for which protection will be requested.

Rights to a trademark can be acquired simply by using it in commerce, in order to obtain the greatest protection for a mark; it is usually advisable to register the mark

A trademark registration is normally valid for 10 years from the trademark application filing date, and the protection can be extended without limitation by periods of 10 years.

Trademark availability

Simply, your trademark should not be confusing to the service or product you are providing, it should be unique and not similar to any trademark having a similar service or product.

So, before you begin to spend large amounts of money to create a new trademark and seek for its protection, First you must search for the availability of this trademark or name to register to ensure there is no similarity between the name to be asked for and the trademark and registered names


We will protect your invention, discoveries, and ideas. The first step towards obtaining a patent, your invention must meet a number of legal requirements. For example, your new invention must not be known anywhere in the world, and should not be confronted with any other similar patents.

We have unprecedented experience in all issues related to patents and infringements. Our consults will inform you of the needed procedures to:

  • obtain a patent, 
  • Maintain a patent, 
  • Defense a patent,
  • Avoid infringements 

Industrial designs

The originality and the ornamentation of products regarding shape, colors, textures or materials, gives your product a unique quality with visually different from other products in market, as making your product unique and different from everything. So, at IGPIS, we provide our clients with a full range of legal services relating to the acquisition, enforcement and commercialization of intellectual property rights.

With our certified lawyers, we will offer you wide range of services to preserve your industrial designs including:

  • Preparing, filing and prosecuting design applications
  • Litigation on all aspects of design registrations
  • Drafting of licenses and other agreements


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